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My health goals for summer

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I mentioned in my last post that I'm eager to get back on track when it comes to eating more healthful foods and making time for exercise. I was feeling super frustrated the other day and listed off a bunch of complaints — it's too muggy or rainy to run / I was sick a lot last month so I couldn't exercise / Chloe's waking up so early that now I can't exercise in the morning / I'm too tired to exercise at night — and then decided to call it like it is. I'm making excuses. I'm feeling sorry for myself because I've gained weight. I'm disappointed in my lack of discipline.

But I am *capable.* (My word for 2018.) Here's what I'm aiming for:


- lose the five pounds I somehow gained in May. Yeah. That happened. (Maybe I can blame some of it on antibiotics?) 

- make 3 new recipes for vegetable main or side dishes that both Andy and I enjoy. I'd love your recommendations! 

- eat dessert only 3 nights a week (however, a little dark chocolate doesn't count)


- moderate exercise for at least 20 minutes 5x a week (whether that's lifting weights, yoga, walking — whatever!)

- food diary! I'm not sure if I'm going to consistently count my calories, but I'll at least write down what I eat. 

- share my experience here, of course. 

Here we go!!! I'd LOVE for you to help keep me accountable. Ask me how I'm doing! Share your favorite healthy recipes! Let me know if you're also trying to lose weight/exercise more!

Guess whose husband just brought home chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? (Yes, you read that correctly.) Sigh.