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den: new paint

Laura R.Comment
My parents came up last Saturday to help us paint the den. I agonized over paint colors for months and finally landed on “au lait ole” by Valspar. The color already on the walls was fine, but the room needed a paint job and I wanted a darker color. I’m already enjoying this room more, and I haven’t even decorated yet!

here is a before and after shot of the same wall:


I know. It hardly looks like we did anything! But look at how different the two colors actually are:

(notice the soot marks in the corner? yikes.)

You can see from the “before” shot and the “in-progress” shot that the original wall color looked different depending on the time of day I took the picture, and that’s the same with the new color. 

Complete after pics for this room won’t happen for at least a month because I have big plans to build a shelving unit. Wait, did I say I was going to build it? I meant my dad is going to build it. I’m going to try to help and not screw anything up. (He had to tell me to stop painting the trim because I was making a mess. Haha!)

Until then, I’ll show little peeks of what I have planned for the room. I couldn’t resist these two table lamps I found at Wal-Mart:

The gold lamp will definitely find it’s way into the den. It was $25 and I picked up a shade for it, too. The adjustable task lamp was only $18! Way to impress me, Wal-Mart.

And here are those two pieces of art I picked up in Georgia last November:

I know not everyone will share in my excitement over these ship prints. I DON’T CARE. I spotted them at Canton Street Antique Market in Roswell, and I knew right away that I had to have them. The price was right and the custom frames are in good condition. (They just need a little dusting.) The top ship was German and the bottom one was British. 

Are they not perfect for a den? I mean, really. I’ll just try to ignore the sounds of Andy’s video games while I write letters and study atlases. ;) 

Chaise fans: I have reached a decision. Well, Andy reached a decision and I regretfully agree. It’s outta here. It just doesn’t work with my vision for the room. I’d keep it for another space, but one of the wooden legs is split and sitting in it was a bit of a risk. Farewell, chaise! You were loved by my family and a few readers of this blog. 

Stay tuned!