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den: before

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I’m going into this project knowing I’m never going to get the “after” that I really want, because we have more important things to pay for than new flooring, custom built-ins and all new furniture. (If only, right?)  I love seeing room makeovers, but I’m often discouraged when I see that the owner’s budget was thousands of dollars. I have a dream of one day being paid to provide decorating consulting and styling for people on a more realistic budget, so what better way to practice than on my own home?

The room is in our basement, and has been serving as Andy’s “office.” Let’s call it what it really is: a place to put spare furniture. It was a functional space, but it wasn’t pretty. Andy would invite me to read on the couch while he played video games on his computer and I’d spend the whole time frowning at the room, trying to think of how to improve it.

I want the room to be a comfortable place to hang out, especially since it’s nice to have a second living area when entertaining guests. However, it’s not going to be our *main* living space, since we already have a lovely living room on the main floor that has our beloved leather furniture. (And our television.) So we’re going to make do with what we have and spend bits of money here and there to finish out the room. A few months ago I came across two pieces of framed art that I instantly fell in love with. I found them while visiting a friend in Georgia and had to have them shipped here, but the price was right and that purchase helped me hone in on my vision: I want this room to be a quintessential den. A cozy, secluded place for working and reading and playing games. A room with thoughtfully placed decor—a mix of masculine touches and pretty things.

Here’s what it looks like right now (halfway through getting stuff moved out so we can paint):

We used to have our black bookcase/cabinet along this wall, but we sold it on Craigslist a few months ago.  I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I’m not sure yet what will go here, but it will be some form of shelving.

We’re keeping the couch and the desk and computer chair. I’m on the fence about keeping the chaise and the glass-doored bookcase. Our first order of business is to paint the walls a slightly darker color. We’re sticking with a neutral since we’re working with a navy couch and potentially keeping that crazy fabulous chaise.

I can’t wait to finally get going on this room! Stay tuned for progress pics!