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Super Bowl snacks

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Did you do anything to prepare for Super Bowl snacking yesterday? Andy skipped lunch and I went for a two mile walk. I still ate waaaaay more than I should have, but over-indulging is part of the fun. We had a TON of food considering there were only eight of us. Here are the two snacks I made, plus a snack that a friend brought that blew my mind (and raised my BAC). What are your favorite party snacks?

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I knew weeks in advance that I’d make a double batch of hot party ham sandwiches. These sammies are GREAT party food (they’re especially beloved by Andy and his friends). They reheat well in the oven if you happen to have any leftovers. I use these rolls and thaw them on the counter for 10-15 minutes before slicing and filling with ham and provolone.

I do not double the amount of poppy seeds when I double this recipe. I also use one large slice of deli ham and one HALF slice of provolone per sandwich. I tear the ham and cheese once or twice to get it to fit neatly on the sandwich, but you can be messy with it and no one will know.

mine didn’t turn out quite so pretty! via

My friend Holly brought us these oatmeal whoopie pies as a hostess gift last year. I’ve been wanting to make them myself ever since, and decided to finally give them a try over the weekend. I made the cookies on Saturday and kept them in a large ziploc on the counter. I made the filling on Sunday afternoon and was delighted to watch it come together. I’ve never whisked flour and milk over heat before to make frosting.

I followed the recipe to a T and was sad when my cookies turned out looking pale on top and a bit dark on the bottom. I pulled my second tray of cookies out at 9 minutes and that kept the bottoms from darkening, but the tops were still white-ish. (I used a filter in my instagram pic to make the cookies look better. No shame.) I have a cookie scoop, but I found that using a small spoon for shaping the cookies (and also for plopping on frosting) delivered the perfect size “pie."

They taste amazing, though—so don’t be discouraged if they look weird. The frosting is phenomenal and really easy to make. I would definitely make these again. (These look good, too!)

These should really be called "hard cider cinnamon cupcakes with caramel whiskey apples and whiskey buttercream that will wow you, warm your chest and give you a slight buzz.

Yeah, they’re that strong! My friend Bethany brought them and I couldn’t stop fawning over how impressive they were. 

What I’ve eaten/will eat today: kale chips (review to come, and yes, I ate them for breakfast), chicken and sausage pasta (recipe to come later in the week), oatmeal whoopie pie, hot party ham sandwiches and a drunken cupcake. 

I should probably go exercise. BLERG