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products I love: face and body

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clockwise from top left:

Eco tools blush brush and kabuki brush: I love the soft bristles and the control that each handle provides. I’ve tried other brands and Eco tools is the clear winner in my book.

Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF 15: I’ve been using this moisturizer for years, so I admit that maybe it’s my favorite because I haven’t tried many others. I put a dab of it on a q-tip to remove eye makeup, and I slather it over my face and neck after I get out of the shower. I don’t care for the smell of most facial lotions, but this one has a really light scent. I found a trial-sized version once at CVS and seriously wigged out in the aisle. I haven’t seen it since, but if I ever see it again I’m going to buy a bunch!

**update! RIGHT after posting this, I noticed my brand new bottle of Neutrogena moisturizer had a new, funky smell. Why did they have to go and ruin a perfect product? I now use Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer with SPF 15.

Vaseline: I have a million memories of reaching into my mom’s bathroom drawer and uncapping her ginormous tub of Vaseline. I smear it all over my nose, cheeks and lips whenever I have a cold or a chapped face. This could also obviously be in the “body” category. I put it on my heels in the winter and cover them up with thick socks. (Bonus points if vaseline makes you think of Devin singing “she don’t use jelly…or any of these… she uses vaaaaaseline” on FNL. I had no idea she was singing a Flaming Lips cover!)

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip balm stick No. 1129: This lip balm is incredibly smooth and minty. I keep it in my purse and use it regularly. It’s especially handy when my breath is funky and I’m out of gum! Bath and Body works doesn’t always have it in stock, but their other mentha products are nice too. I own a couple mentha lip glosses.

**Lypsyl lip moisturizer is equally great. Look for it in the lip care section of your drugstore.

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve: It’s a cult classic for a reason! I remember sitting in Chemistry class in high school and passing it back and forth with my friend Amber, who owned it before I did. We must have applied it at least three times per class, just for the fun of it! It’s cheap and one tin has lasted me several years. I keep this one in my makeup bag and use it for my lips and cuticles.

bareMinerals READY 4.0 “truth”eyeshadow palette: I’d have a hard time spending $30 on eyeshadow, but I got it as a gift a few months ago and have been loving it. Try it on the next time you’re in ULTA or Sephora! The shadows are soft, easy to apply and have the perfect amount of shimmer. A little goes a long way, especially with the three darker colors. I use the top two colors several times a week and have occasionally used the bottom two (I can’t seem to master using dark eyeshadow). The bottom right eyeshadow works well as an eyeliner.

clockwise from top left:

Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut shampoo and conditioner: I love the price, the smell and the way my hair feels. The conditioner works double duty in place of shaving cream. I also love their Professionals line. The Rosemary and Mint smells divine.

**Aussie 3 minute miracle smoothing conditioner is my new favorite hair product. I’m using it in place of my regular conditioner. I wash my hair every 2-3 days.

Aveeno Skin Relief hand cream: If you have severely chapped skin on your hands then I would recommend a heavier cream, but this stuff works great for me. I keep a tiny bottle of Aveeno lotion in my car and store the hand cream in my nightstand. I’m always impressed by how quickly it seeps into my skin and leaves me with soft, greasy-free hands. I can put it on before reading and don’t have to worry about making a mess on the pages of my book!

Venus original razor: In the past I’ve fallen prey to trying all sorts of fancy razors. (I hated Schick Quattro.) I’ve always gotten the smoothest shave with Venus, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not I use the original or one of the snazzier models. I had severely irritated legs this winter and considered that the razor’s moisturizing strip might be the problem, but switching from using shaving cream to conditioner has greatly eased my discomfort.

OPI “meet me on the star ferry” and OPI “brisbane bronze:I’m going to put it out there that “meet me on the star ferry” is my very favorite nail color for my toes. I fell in love with it a few years ago when I got a pedicure and immediately texted my mom and said, “I have a stocking stuffer idea for you!” The color compliments my skin tone perfectly. Right now I have a gorgeous red on, but I forgot to jot down the name of the color. I did remember to write down “brisbane bronze” though, which is what I almost got instead of the red. I always pick two colors and have the technician paint them both on before I decide. :) "Brisbane bronze” is actually more copper-y than bronze. Don’t be fooled by the VERY orange-y image above—it’s a gorgeous color. I plan on wearing it in the summer.

Dove Visible Care “Softening” Creme body wash: So, so good. I think this product is being discontinued, so if you find it, snatch it up! Or buy it and send it to me! Don’t mistake it for Dove Visible Care Radiance with Exfoliating Beads—the bottles look similar, but they’re very different products. The softening creme body wash is exactly what it sounds like. The creme is the perfect thickness and my skin feels great after each use. I also adore the light, milky scent. 

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy “Sleep” lavender chamomile body wash and foam bath: I don’t go into Bath & Body very often, but when I do I always look for deals on the 2 oz bottles of “Sleep” and “Stress Relief” body wash/bath. They’re perfect for hostess gifts or to stick in a bridal or baby shower gift bag. I found myself constantly reaching into my stash for my own use, and decided that while both are great, “Sleep” is my favorite. I got a free 10oz bottle the last time I went, so naturally I’m claiming it for myself. I usually toss store coupons so I won’t be tempted to shop, but you can’t go wrong with free!

What products have you been using for years? (Or, at least long enough to become a favorite?)