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a very web 1.0 snow day activity

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I wrote this last Thursday, 2/13.

I thought a copycat of this post would be a fun activity for this snow (and sick) day. Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner teenager, amIright? If you decide to fill this out for yourself, please share!

Making: myself keep this house clean! I scrubbed and mopped and dusted and windexed my way through last weekend, and I’m determined to keep it looking lovely!
Cooking: hot party ham sandwiches for lunch, because it’s a snow day and my husband gets incredibly giddy when I surprise him with them. (update: he ate six. SIX!)
Drinking: water, water, water!
Reading: “The Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton. I dreamt last night that I finished the book and none of my questions were answered. I was so happy when I realized it was just a dream! (update: I have since finished “The Forgotten Garden,” read “And the Mountains Echoed” and started “The Fault in Our Stars.” It’s been a great weekend for reading.)
Wanting: to go abroad.
Looking: at the ridiculous amount of snow on our deck.
Playing: in the snow with my pup. Her new game is to walk normally on the beaten-down path for a while and then randomly leap into huge piles of snow.
Wasting: time while I wait for Andy to come in from clearing our parking spots.
Sewing: I wish! I haven’t sewed in years.
Wishing: I was eating Old Bay wings at Canal Bar (35 cent wings on Thursday nights!)
Enjoying: the snow, because SOMEONE needs to have a good attitude about it!
Waiting: to see “12 Years a Slave” on redbox, because I don’t want to spend $10 to sob in a public place.
Liking: my pedicure.
Wondering: what this year holds.
Loving: having my husband home on a weekday.
Needing: to eat better. But…hot ham sams.
Smelling: like sweat from running around in the snow w/ Casey while wearing my ushanka, heavy coat, super-high socks and gloves. The hat and gloves came off halfway through our walk.
Wearing: my Oak Tree Project tee.
Following: John and Sherry’s progress on their third house and vowing to locate them at a Home Depot or thrift store the next time I’m in Richmond. Fluttery hands and high-pitched voices will ensue. 
Noticing: how long my nails are and that I need to stop saying, “I should cut them,” and actually do it. (update: I did it! lolz.)
Knowing: there is chocolate in my future.
Thinking: I should take a bath and eat my chocolate AT THE SAME TIME.
Feeling: gross. Sore throat, sore ears, sore nose. Everything hurts!
Bookmarking: because I’m slowly starting to get over my “I can only keep up with a handful of blogs so why bother bookmarking more” attitude.
Opening: my folder of Chicago pics and pulling out this loverly photograph:
Giggling: over McSweeney's archives. YOGOL!

“Will you take a picture of me dipping my toes in the water?” Two seconds later... "ANDY! I haven’t even taken my shoes off yet!”