Laura Rennie

pilgrimage along I-81

Laura R.Comment
I'm not sure exactly when it started (probably the weekend after I wrote this post), but some time last year I began treating my drives to and from Harrisonburg as a time set aside for God. 

The drive to Harrisonburg is stunning 365 days out of the year. My last trip down was in January and I distinctly remember tearing up with gratitude as I drove past endless fields and mountains covered in snow and dotted with farm animals. This time, the fields were a bright green and the trees on the mountains were no longer bare. I adore spring. 

I spend most of the two-hour drive singing, but sometimes I have to pause the song because I'm so overwhelmed with emotion. Little words of praise will pass my lips. Mostly, thank you. Other times I will feel burdened with something and spend the time sighing and swallowing tears and praying please, take this from me.

But singing always happens. I played only two CDs this trip - music from Bethel Live's "The Loft Sessions" and "For the Sake of the World" and Hillsong United's latest, "Zion."

Here are the songs I played on repeat: