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21 weeks

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still wondering how far along I really am...
This week, bless it, flew by. Today I have an OB appt, lunch with a friend and a potentially rainy drive to Harrisonburg! Andy and I will both be heading to the 'burg in a few weeks for a wedding, but I'm popping down for a couple days to get some quality time with girlfriends and I can't WAIT. I'm also reeeeally excited about getting Jack Brown's. I think I might go twice. We were supposed to have our gender reveal party this weekend, so I'm glad I have something fun planned to help make up for the extra wait.

I wore the above dress to a bridal shower this week and was asked if there was a non-maternity version. I said, "this IS the non-maternity version!" I know this in-between phase won't last much longer... I have to embrace it while I can!

Oh, check out how tan I was when I wore this dress two years ago:

Is it just me, or do I look like I could become a leathery-faced old lady? :-/
(We had gone to the beach twice that summer.) I miss being tan! And I miss my long hair.

I digress.

I'm currently reading "Bittersweet" by Shauna Niequist and it is really blessing/challenging me. Shauna just put out another book and it seemed fitting that I read this article and watched the interview (isn't my friend Kelly stunning?) only hours before having our friends Matt and Leslie over for an impromptu dinner party. I made a chicken and zucchini casserole last night and served the leftovers tonight with a simple salad, and later put out fruit and mini cannoli from the grocery store bakery for dessert. It was the easiest meal to throw together and I didn't feel an ounce of stress! I'm normally a ball of nerves before company comes over! I forgot to dust! Should I have organized the fridge? What if they open it? Thank goodness for yummy leftovers and gracious guests.

best meal: leftovers with good friends, of course.
happy moments: I fiiiinally started nesting this week. Our guest rooms are what I really need to focus my attention on, but for some reason all I wanted to do was clean out and organize the master bedroom closet and the linen closet. At least I've made progress, right? Also, both Andy and I got to feel Leslie's baby kick last night. Andy's never felt a baby kick before and his face looked so shocked and happy! I can't wait for him to feel HIS baby.
baby moments: Lots of flutters this week! It never gets old.