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20 weeks... I think?

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scroll to the end of the post for belly shot outtakes
We had an ultrasound last week and had the best time seeing our little baby and identifying different body parts. Most of the time we could tell it was a baby, but every now and then it would look like an alien! During the first half of the ultrasound I had to have a full bladder, so the baby was squished and curled up sleeping. Its little ankles were crossed and we could count the toes. Then, after I went to the bathroom, baby flipped over and started moving its mouth and kicking its feet. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen.

(apologies for using the word "it." baby understands.)
look at that lil nose and mouth! and elbow! haha
holding his/her ear
skinny little arm :)
the inside of baby's brain. see the little fingers above the head?

The whole thing was so magical, but it ended on a disappointing note. The technician told me that there was "no way" I was nearly 20 weeks (based on my due date, I was 19 weeks 5 days at the time of the ultrasound). She said the baby was measuring proportionate but small, and that she estimated me to be SIXTEEN WEEKS AND SIX DAYS. Whaaa? I told her that was impossible and that I'm very sure of my dates, but that didn't change her mind. Based on the measurements, my new due date is September 14th. 

I left the imaging center wanting to cry, but I felt guilty over being so upset. In the grand scheme of things, being a few weeks behind is not a big deal. A lot of thoughts were running through my head, such as that's three extra weeks I have to wait to meet the baby! and my belly is way too big to be sixteen weeks! and even that means I have to go back and change every blog post!

After a few days of mulling things over, I decided to call my OB's office and talk to the nurse. Since I had the ultrasound at an imaging center and not at my doctor's office, the nurse and my OB had to look at the baby's measurements on paper as opposed to on the screen. She said, "We've looked over the baby's measurements and we're just as confused as you are!" I've never been so relieved to hear that a doctor is confused! She told me that it's possible I am off by a little bit, but that I should continue moving forward with my original due date. They scheduled me to have another ultrasound in two weeks to see if the baby has caught up to a proper size and weight. I'll keep ya posted...

It's been a good week, other than the confusing news and a weird bout of dehydration. I really thought that I was drinking plenty of water on Wednesday, but I woke up from a nap feeling dizzy and it only got worse with time. It eventually escalated so much that I started shaking and sobbing and called my mom in a panic. She encouraged me to ask a friend to come over since Andy was at work. My friend Kiniqua jumped in her car the minute I called and sat with me for four hours until I felt better. I'm so grateful for the friends God has blessed me with in Frederick!

Happily, the weather has been superb this week! We spent last weekend visiting friends in Richmond and had a fabulous time soaking up the sun in Maymont Park. Andy and I always get extra lovey-dovey for each other when we're on vacation, even in the face of nasty traffic on 95 (blerg). The "honeymoon" has lasted all week and my body is exhausted. (FROM LAUGHING, people. my mother reads this blog!) 

A few of my jobs for this past week were cancelled, but I didn't mind! I spent my days walking the dog along the creek (and watching her joyfully dive into the water for the first time this year), taking long naps and re-reading "The Glass Castle." There are countless projects around the house I could have been working on, but my attitude right now is to soak up as much rest as I can!

best meal: last night I walked to the store to pick up salad and cannoli to go along with our "Italian" leftovers (cold cut pizza and spicy Italian sausage w/ penne and peppers). It was a big meal that I stretched over two hours. 
happy moments: laughing with Andy so hard that we both cried. on multiple occasions.
baby moments: I love feeling like I have a little partner in everything I'm doing — even mundane tasks like washing dishes. 

belly outtake reel:
(andy started taking pictures rapidly and the first time he did it, I started laughing. the second time he did it I just threw my hands up in surrender.)