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19 weeks

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this outfit is so comfortable and belly-friendly that I wore it 3 times in one week
Let's just pretend that week 18 never happened. I had a miserable cold and my nausea and food aversions resurfaced. Oh, and pimples. :-/ My 18 week picture reflected how awful I felt, so we'll be keeping that one to ourselves...

19 weeks! Moving along! Before I forget — pregnant ladies, you need to get yo'selves a pair of these amazing pants. They're much cuter in person. (I'm wearing them in the pic above.) I got them for $14.99 b/c I used a coupon, but they're still a steal at $19.99. If you're between sizes I'd recommend buying a size down. Gap returns are super simple, so buy two sizes if you're nervous.

I cannot for the life of me figure out a comfortable sleeping position! I've tried a pillow wedged behind me, a pillow in between my knees, a pillow in between my chest (weird, I know)... nothing is working. I keep meaning to go out and buy a body pillow to see if that does the trick. Any suggestions?

Also, when will normal food be appealing again? All I really want is a cheeseburger. I haven't had one in SO LONG! (A week.) Suddenly 95% of the foods I mentioned in my "eating for two" post sound gross.

In addition to these crazy sleep and food issues, a bird(s) got into our house through a vent that leads outside. We started hearing it on Sunday night but couldn't do anything about it b/c it was dark outside. Yesterday Andy asked to borrow a neighbor's ladder because the vent is reeeeally high up on the outside of our house, but the guy wasn't home. Hopefully it will get taken care of today. I'm so sick of hearing wings flapping furiously inside the walls/above the ceiling. It's terrifying! I have a horrible vision of the bird flapping so hard that it comes through the kitchen cabinets.

On the bright side, we get to see the baby this week! I can hardly wait. 

best meal: other than burgers, I craved IHOP last week. (I know. I'm the worst.) We went, and I cleaned my plate faster than Andy. I hardly ate for the rest of the day.
happy moments: a super sweet friend of mine here in Frederick asked if she could throw me a baby shower! I cried. (That should really be the title of my blog... "I cried.") I didn't expect anyone would throw me a shower here, and I was so touched. (hey girl, I know you're reading this. you're awesome.)
baby moments: the other night I was on top of our bed with our dog, who was to the right of my feet. Andy was kneeling on the floor to my left and was rubbing my feet. Sweet man. He accidently tickled me and I jerked my foot and yelped, and right away Casey gave a moan-y growl and covered my feet with her head. Little protector! She's never done anything like that before. Who knows for sure the why of it, but we like to think she senses my "condition." Also, the baby might be able to hear our voices now, so we've been upping how much we talk and sing to him/her.