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what makes me happy right now

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Sunday was a beautiful day. The sun was warm, the breeze was cool but not chilly... it was just perfect. After church I had to blitz the main floor before a friend came over while Andy was outside putting down new mulch. I kept looking at him outside and wishing I was out there with him.  A few hours later, once my guest had come and gone and Andy had finished his work, we returned our Redbox by walking to the gas station instead of driving there. We walked hand in hand and talked about how proud we were of each other for working so hard. I voiced my surprise that he was willing to go on a long walk after toting heavy bags of mulch around, and he said, "I know you've been wanting to go outside all day." :) Is there anything sweeter than when your spouse makes a sacrifice for you? It was a small part of our day, but that walk made me so happy. Walks do the mind and body good. Just don't tell the dog that we took a walk without her.

This morning I was supposed to get up at 6:10 to leave the house at 6:35 for Bible study at 6:45. Instead, I woke up at 6:25. Whoops. I brushed my teeth, threw on yesterday's clothes and dashed out the door... right into pouring down rain. Gah! It was worth it, though, just like it's worth waking up every Tuesday morning. Great women, great discussion, sweet encouragement. Plus, decaf coffee with a splash of half and half. YES, PLEASE. (Aaaand a cheese danish, because I've been eyeing them for weeks and haven't gotten one til today. Worth it.)

I mentioned last week that I'm starting to be more productive at home instead of a permanent blob on the couch. Well, I've been blobbish today, but I'll chalk that up to my 6:25 wake-up and the lack of a nap. Anywho, last night I made spaghetti squash au gratin to go with our leftover eggplant with turkey bolognese. Having a nice dinner made and having a tidy house main floor was so, so nice. Happy suzy homemaker.

I'm getting a pedicure and a burger some time this week.
Happy me.

What seemingly small thing is making you happy right now?

this is how I felt about my cheese danish