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bff trip to Ellicott City

Laura R.Comment
Laurel and her husband moved from Kentucky to Maryland in January. We haven't lived in the same state since we were in high school, and even though I was sad for her to leave a home she had grown to love, I was super excited to be only two hours away from my friend instead of eight. I'm blessed to have several super close gal pals, but Laurel has known me the longest and has loved me through some crazy times. We lived in the same neighborhood when we were younger and saw each other nearly every day. In high school her family moved to the other side of town (only 10-15 min away), and the night before their move we both bawled like babies. :)

Now that she's settled in and I'm feeling MUCH better, we were able to plan a day for just the two of us. Ellicott City is a nice halfway point between where we both live, and I had heard from several friends that I would enjoy EC's downtown. We had a great time, despite the fact it was freezing cold and rainy! Here are some highlights:

This was the first store we popped into downtown, and it didn't disappoint! I circled the store at least twice and could've stayed for another half hour (or longer). There was so much to look at! Jams, sauces, mixes, cookbooks, kitchen tools, linens, pretty porcelain goodies... the list goes on. The building itself has a lot of character and the owners are a hoot. The reporter in me was dying to write up a piece on this gem of a shop.

Sweet Elizabeth Jane reminded me of my favorite store in downtown Frederick (Silk & Burlap), but it's easily twice as large and has much more merchandise (including more affordable options). Laurel and I found something we loved every two feet. We hardly glanced at the clothes, even though they were lovely, and instead focused on the incredible displays of kitchen and home decor, jewelry and handbags. And candles. Lots of pretty, expensive candles. Give yourself lots of time to explore this shop, and bring a girlfriend!

We actually didn't go in this store, but we wanted to sooo badly! It's not open on Mondays. Boo! We could see through the windows, though, and it looked like a fun place.

Yet another girly boutique! Eat AFTER you go visit this shop, because it has three levels of cuteness and each step will remind you of how full you are. 

We popped into several antique shops, a home decor store and a toy store, too. Every now and then we'd come across a shop that wasn't open on Mondays, but there were still plenty of places to explore. We lunched at The Trolley Stop and split a yummy chicken, bacon and cheese sandwich, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend the place. I read great things about Johnny's Bistro when I was planning our day, but it sadly isn't open on Mondays. I wish I had read about the Little French Market Cafe - we didn't veer off Main Street, otherwise we might've seen it in time. A friend of mine suggested we grab coffee at Bean Hollow, but instead we went to Old Mill Bakery Cafe in hopes of getting a yummy treat. Unfortunately, everything behind the counter either looked stale or looked like it could feed six people. Our mochas were great, though, and the atmosphere was perfect for catching up with a friend.

Have you ever been to Ellicott City? Where would you recommend shopping and/or eating? I'm sure Laurel and I will meet up here again, hopefully in better weather!