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little pleasures

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I tried to write a monthly "little pleasures" post ages ago, and failed. Just like my attempt to keep up with every monthly or weekly series I've ever started on this blog. fail fail fail.

I'm not bringing little pleasures back for the long haul, but I did want to share some things that have been putting a smile on my hormone-riddled face. I don't want to look back on this time as being completely miserable, because there have been lots of laughs and cozy naps and hours spent watching the snow fall. 

Puppy antics
Casey knows how to high-five, so I asked her to high-five me if I'm having a boy. She looked away. Then I said, "high-five if it's girl," and she promptly obeyed. Goofy dog! Also, she moaned during an entire episode of The Office — the one where Pam has her baby. Casey did not like it when the baby cried. Last night she moaned dramatically when Andy started talking to my belly. Apparently the jealousy has already begun.

Husband antics
The other day Andy started laughing and pointed to my sweatshirt. "That's the most pregnant you've ever looked," he said. I glanced down and realized my Dove Bar must have rubbed up against the top of my sweatshirt. Chocolate everywhere. It was also all over my face and I had no idea. 
This morning he sang "Payphone" to the dog. "You're at a payphone trying to call home but your paws can't hit the you called China then started barking because you don't like Chinese."

We used to watch movies all the time, but then we got hooked on television series. We're running out of things to watch on Netflix (any ideas?) so we recently popped in "Juno" and "The Princess Bride." It was interesting to start "House of Cards" after seeing young Robin Wright Penn. (We haven't finished "House of Cards," so don't give anything away!) 

Maternity clothes
I've ordered a few maternity items from Gap and Old Navy, but I found some great loose non-maternity tops at LOFT and TJMaxx while I was out shopping on Sunday. I felt pretty ridiculous stuffing my sweatshirt under tops in the dressing room, though! My favorite non-maternity shirt might be the "Stars Wars" tee I found in the men's clearance section of Target. It's so soft... I have a feeling I might be living in it soon! I'm also pretty psyched that the two clothing items I purchased for the Uganda trip are perfect for my growing belly. One is a maternity tank top that I bought b/c of it's high neck, and the other is a soft maxi skirt. 

Uganda pics
The team I was supposed to be on has arrived home from Uganda and I've really enjoyed looking through the pics they've put on Facebook, along with ones posted by the American girls that live there. 

the lovely Zion Project girls (pic by Jenny Childs)