Laura Rennie

14 weeks

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tyra would be all over that (accidenal) booty tooch

Second trimester! Say what?!
We heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time last Thursday. Not getting to see the baby at every appointment is torture! Sometimes I'm amazed at how fast the time has gone so far and other times I'm overwhelmed at the thought of having to wait six more months to meet this lil one. Though, I'm probably going to need that entire time to clear out the future nursery. 

Some week 14 milestones...
-I officially found a pair of maternity jeans that I like. Somehow I've managed to continue wearing a few pairs of regular jeans and a couple of corduroys, but most of them are juuuust high enough to push up against my rapidly growing uterus.
-I'm considering moving into the bathroom because, well, isn't it obvious? I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until much later? Gah!
-We went to Babies R Us with our preg friends Matt and Leslie and we did the thing that I've always thought of as a big moment in baby preparation. We tested strollers. :) Looking at rows and rows of bottles, breast pumps, bath toys and crib sheets made this whole thing soooo real. I got very overwhelmed and had to sit down for a bit to calm down. Baby, I hope we get you what you need, a few fun extras, and then nothing else but lots of snuggles and kisses.

Baby, I'm glad you're growing, but can we please put an end to this nausea? Also, where did these mood swings come from? I have this inexplicable inner rage that makes me want to scream at people for NO GOOD REASON. The nausea and anger combined made for one interesting day yesterday when I was a substitute kindergarten teacher... those kids were crazy! I had to take many deep breaths and bites of pumpkin muffin to keep myself from losing my mind. Oh, and the tears! I cry over the most ridiculous things! The silliest example is when I was driving down a road that has a one lane bridge near the end of it. I sat and waited my turn as a car went over the bridge, and I expected that the car behind it would speed up and sneak in behind him instead of following the one-at-a-time rule. I was wrong, though, and that car waited as I passed. I lifted my hand in thanks and he lifted his hand in response. I burst into tears. (I was all, aww, there ARE nice drivers in Maryland!) I'm telling you, these hormones are outta control.

looking back on week 13...
best meal: Sardi's chicken with fries and rice and pinto beans smothered in yellow sauce. I'm considering having Sardi's cater the rest of my pregnancy.
worst meal: Eating Chick-fil-A was awesome. Losing the entire meal wasn't so fun. On the bright side, it's almost as if those fries never existed...
happy moments: I got to watch your dad's basketball team win their championship game! I'm so proud of Andy for working hard and practicing every week. Spending time with friends over the weekend also lifted my spirits.
baby moments: Hearing your heartbeat was the highlight of the week. Even though going to Babies R Us was overwhelming, it was fun to see your dad show excitement and interest over everything.