Laura Rennie

13 weeks

Laura R.Comment
oh boy, this belly thing is really happening.

Sooo I'm officially in that awkward looks-like-muffin-top phase. Wahoo! :-/ I'm beginning to wonder how much of that weight is baby and how much is bagel and cream cheese... for some odd reason, my puking has gone way down but my nausea has gone way up and I'm eating like a mad woman! I was grateful to get some real meals in my belly while we were at the cabin with my family. We had flank steak, steak salad, ribs, Italian sausage sandwiches and Korean short ribs wrapped in lettuce with rice and spicy paste. Mmm hmmm we likes our meats. (We did have some fruits and veggies too, but the meat is more fun to talk about. Oh yeah and breakfast, too.)

I think the key for me to eating a balanced meal right now is having someone else prepare it for me.

looking back on week 12...
best meal: everything we ate at the cabin! but before the cabin, chicken tacos from Chipotle hit the spot.
worst meal: before going to the cabin, I pretty much lived on cottage cheese with pineapple, crispix and grilled cheese. I don't think anything I ate affected my stomach in a bad way. 
happy moments: the whole cabin weekend... watching the snow fall and waking up to a winter wonderland, drinking decaf and munching on toast, finishing a book, reading a book and starting a third, playing "Ticket to Ride" whenever I wasn't eating or reading, watching the dogs run free in the woods, snugglin', teasin', laughin', eatin'.... it was all good.
baby moments: all last week your daddy has referred to you as his little lime. on Saturday he asked me to look up what food you'd be (size-wise) at week 13. The first website I went to said "medium shrimp" and the whole family made faces and laughed. It was way too weird to picture you as a shrimp, so I checked another website and it blessedly described your size as that of a peach. MUCH cuter! Plus, we happened to have a peach in the house when we snapped this shot yesterday.

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