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We are thrilled to announce that we're expecting a little one this summer! If you've wondered why I've taken time away from the blog, it's because I've been sick a little LOT all month. It's incredible how much of a pajama-wearing pretzel-eating hermit I've become.

a few details:
*I'm 9 weeks and 5 days 
*My due date is August 25th
*The baby is approximately the size of a grape and already has earlobes. EARLOBES!

It isn't unusual for me to be a little late, so I tried not to think anything of it. Plus, I had a feeling that if I were to get pregnant I wouldn't be able to go on the Uganda trip, and I really wanted to go. (I would have left for Uganda yesterday, actually!) I prayed about it a lot and wrestled with mixed emotions. I finally took an at-home test on New Year's Day and it was negative. I didn't buy it. I had a pretty strong feeling that I was pregnant, and I know that those tests are often wrong. The next day I had an appointment at the travel clinic to get a prescription for malaria medicine. I talked to the doctor and explained that I didn't want to get the prescription until I was absolutely certain that I wasn't pregnant. They took a blood test and told me they'd be in touch.

I threw up the next morning.

The doctor's office called on Friday, Jan. 4th while I was in northern Virginia visiting my parents and some friends who were in from out of town. My plan was to have coffee with my friend Rachel and then head from NOVA down to Harrisonburg for a weekend with some of my girlfriends. But as soon as I got the call I knew I had to tell Andy! I hijacked my coffee date w/ Rachel and instead asked her to drive with me up to Frederick so that I could tell Andy in person. I always thought I'd tell Andy through some cute gesture or something clever, but instead I just ran into his office and said, "WE'RE HAVING A BABY!" Lots of kisses, hugs and belly kisses followed.

Yesterday we got to see the baby for the first time. It was magical! We both cried a little and then Andy said he felt like he was going to pass out and I had to lunge for my bag of pretzels to keep the nausea at bay. Haha!

While it's been super exciting to know that there's a little baby inside of me, I've definitely struggled with morning sickness and with surrendering my trip to Uganda. (If you're wondering why we're telling people a little early, it's because many of you would figure it out if you heard I wasn't going to Uganda.) I don't understand why God aligned so many things to make the trip possible and then laid it on my heart to let it go, but I have unwavering faith that His timing is SO perfect. We had the baby talk on July 1st, 2011 and since then have let go of any "control" we might have over a pregnancy. A few months ago a doctor suggested that both Andy and I be tested for infertility. We decided we'd wait until after my Uganda trip to get tested, and lo and behold we got blessed with a baby! 

I probably won't be blogging much (or at all) until this morning sickness passes, so bear with me!


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