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our Caribbean cruise

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We're baaaack! We had a great time cruising to Grand Cayman and Cozumel with our buddies Kevin and Jackie. It took me two and a half days to get my land legs back, and Andy came down with a cold, so both of us wish we could be on vacation just a little bit longer. We also kinda miss this guy:

kissingray 2 by lrennie86
smooching a stingray in Grand Cayman
Both the food and entertainment were better on this cruise than our last one (which was also Carnival). It was a little windy on the pool deck so we mostly hung out inside and played games and cheered people on who were doing karaoke or playing some ridiculous trivia game. We also ate and ate and ate, and then went back for dessert. I tried alligator and frog legs for the first time and ordered two appetizers and two desserts nearly every night! You best believe I wore drawstring pants on the plane ride home.
We went to Stingray City and the Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman. Both places were great, but if we had to pick a favorite we would both pick Stingray City. Being in the water with the rays was so thrilling! We fed them fresh squid, which they sucked out of our hands like a vacuum. Those baby turtles were awfully cute, though. 
In Cozumel we took a taxi to a public beach and shared a jetski instead of paying for an excursion. The public beach was swarming with people trying to sell stuff, so we moved our chairs and wound up having a private little section of the beach all to ourselves. Andy read a Bill Bryson book and I read "Secret Daughter" for book club. I wanted to stay on that beach forever, but we had a free dinner to get back to! We stopped by a little coffee shop on our way back to the ship and had the most amaaazing iced coffees.
It was a simply fabulous time.
Also, the shower in our bathroom was the best ever.