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packing and souvenirs

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I think packing has become a bit of an obsession for me. I was determined to pack light for my three-day trip to Boston and only carried a small backpack and a purse. I didn't want to lug around a suitcase around since I was going straight to my friend's workplace after landing, and I'm so glad I packed how I did! It helped that Becca and I wear the same size shoes, pants and shirts - I ended up borrowing her thick socks, North Face jacket and umbrella. Thanks Becca!

I wore purple cords with a tank and a chambray shirt on the flight there, so that already gave me three items to work with the rest of the weekend. I had no idea how to pack because it's been a while since I had felt 60 degree weather! I get hot very easily, so I didn't pack anything too heavy. I also figured I could borrow a jacket from Becca instead of trying to cram one in my bag (it wouldn't have fit). I packed one pair of jeans, one long-sleeved sweater, two short-sleeved shirt, one 3/4 length tee and one 3/4 sweater, a sleep shirt and sleep shorts. (I didn't wear three of the shirts I brought.) I didn't pack any shoes - I just wore the same pair the whole weekend. What else... two books, a makeup bag, a bag of liquids, hairbrush, earplugs, advil, earrings, a bracelet, my glasses and a phone charger. Oh, and I packed a small black purse to carry around town.

What I wore:
Friday- gray tank, chambray shirt, purple cords
Saturday day- 3/4 length sweater, jeans
Saturday night- black 3/4 length top, purple cords
Sunday morning- pajamas!
Sunday afternoon- new long-sleeved sweater, jeans
Monday- black 3/4 length top, chambray shirt, jeans

Of course, a few things happened to come home with me... (lobster tail pastries not pictured b/c we already devoured them)
like these adorable tiny brass ducks
(I got my ducks in a row!)
my favorite purchase - lobster PJ pants!
a souvenir from Rockport to hang on our Christmas tree
this irresistible lil whale from Gloucester 
this $10 consignment shop find (still had the tags on)
a fox-y sweater from F21
Is it weird that I'm looking forward to packing for Uganda?