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All this talk of heavy rains and strong winds is making me grateful that I spent a lot of time outdoors this past week. I even wore shorts on Friday! I started going through my winter clothes bin the other day as a step towards a closet makeover and I was surprised by how many sweaters I already own. Most of my mine are thin or are 3/4 length because I get hot easily, but I love the look of chunky sweaters. I'm really loving this one from Target. From the picture it looks like it might be the perfect thickness for me - warm but not stifling!
cozy cardigan
view items and prices here
total outfit: $105
(the black top is $8, not $6)

bonus look! everything from both of these outfits is from Target.
cozy cardigan 2
view items and prices here
total outfit: $98

Sweater Weather
by Lisa Shields

I was chilly with the November breeze,
and it was a courtly thing you did
draping the sweater over my shoulders,
taking care to smooth the wool
with a touch that whispered
that later you would claim the garment,
and the shiver taking it would bring
was something you coveted
with breathless avarice.

“Sweater weather,” you said.
And I am swept like a crisp oak leaf
into a duvet and down dream,
where the pillows do not speak
of the warm, the moments large and small
when I nestle near you,
demanding that arms dress me
to close kept comfort.

Arms around my waist,
legs entwined to akimbo,
and my last thought before sweet drowse
is that fall will never come
without you to chase the cold
in the season of sweater weather.