Laura Rennie

little cries

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Do you ever have a little cry? Why am I even asking? I know you do. I was having one earlier (see the second to last reason for why.)

Sometimes I shed tears when I see a commercial involving dogs and people growing old together.
When I feel misunderstood.
When someone is in pain and I don't know how to help.
When I'm mad at someone and I'm half clinging to the anger and half aching to let it go.
When I'm overwhelmed with love for someone.
When I watch a really fantastic live performance.
When I feel foolish.
When I have a nightmare.
When the sky looks pretty. (So I pretty much shed a grateful tear every day.)
When I pray.
When I'm happy.
When there's a sappy moment in a tv show or movie.
When I get a hug at just the right time.
When I'm reminiscing.
When I feel lucky to be somewhere.
When I recognize I'm being unloving or I'm having road rage or I'm in a funk and I wonder what's wrong with me?
When I think things are going to go a certain way and they don't.
When I think about my grandparents and how they aren't here anymore.
When there is no good reason to cry but it happens anyway.
When I can't stop laughing. (That cat video cracks me up. While watching it I thought, "it's like watching a guy comfort a girl!")