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Boston round 2

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I flew to Boston last September to see Becca and had such a great time that I vowed to visit again the next year. The weather was completely different this time around (cold and rainy, boo) but it was nevertheless a wonderful weekend. I got to the city midday on Friday and took the T to the lab where Becca works. She is doing research on mice - eek! We met up with some of her friends for dinner at Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown and for the first time in my life I used chopsticks for an entire meal. After dinner we saw First Aid Kit at the Royale and I whipped my hair along with Klara and Johanna (check out the hair at 1:35). Great jams. Great hair.

Saturday we brunched at Sound Bites and rented a car to drive up Cape Ann. We spent most of our time in Rockport but also visited Gloucester and Manchester-by-the-Sea. The movie "The Proposal" was filmed in Rockport and the house in the movie is in Manchester. The only pics we took were in Rockport because the weather was yucky, but I'm glad we at least got these! 

look what New England did to my hair!

fall in Cape Ann!

Saturday night we took the car into downtown Boston. It was so fun to drive around and see the city lit up at night. We had dinner at the Beehive (yes, we ate at Sound Bites and the Beehive last year... definitely worth going back to). The Moroccan cigars had haunted me all year long, so of course we ordered those, and then for dinner we split blackened scallops that melted in our mouths. Afterwards we met some of Becca's friend at Saloon, a modern-day speakeasy in Davis Square.

Like last time, Sunday was our lazy day. We didn't leave the house until the afternoon and had lunch at Parish Cafe before hitting up a few shops. Then we picked up lobster bisque at Boston Chowda in Quincy Market along with lobster tail pastries and tiramisu at Modern Pastry. Oh you KNOW I ate my way through Boston! We took our goodies home and ate them on the couch while watching a movie (look at Jon Hamm in Ira and Abby!)

One of the extra bonuses to flying to Boston is the incredible aerial view of Manhattan that you get if the skies are clear. And, if you fly JetBlue, you get Dunkin Donuts coffee on the plane. It's the little things, right? :)