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an unexpected vacation

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Andy mentioned to me a while ago that he had an extra week of vacation to take before the end of the year. Since we were in Hawaii for ten days in June, already have a vacay planned for late November (more on that later) and I knew Andy was going to use his personal days around Christmas, I was completely surprised. It turns out he didn't use a week last year, so, HELLO unexpected vacation! We picked last week for him to take off and figured we'd have ourselves a quiet little staycation.

What really ended up happening was an overnight in Harrisonburg last Sunday/Monday, a few days at home and then a trip to Baltimore on Friday and Saturday with my mom and dad. On Friday we took a water taxi from the Inner Harbor to Fell's Point, where we had hauntingly delicious crab cakes at Duda's Tavern and rich gelato at Pitango. Then we took a short nap and picked up some coffee to get our energy up for the big thrill of the trip — the Baltimore Aquarium, of course! The aquarium is offering a special where you only pay $12 for admission if you go between 5 and 9:30 p.m. (Daytime tickets are $30 a pop!) I turn into such a little kid at aquariums. "Dad, look at this!" "Whoa, did you see that Mom?" "Andy! Andy! Andy!"


As dazzling as the aquarium was, the real star of the day was our dinner at Della Notte in Little Italy. We ordered scallops for the table while I agonized over the menu before ultimately deciding on the Chilean sea bass. (My parents and Andy got the veal.) I wanted a pasta dish but they all sounded too rich for my sensitive stomach. The fish was fantastic and I ended up having enough room to try the desserts we ordered to share —tiramisu, cannoli and créme brulee. Oh my gawsh it was all so delicious. I definitely recommend it for a romantic or celebratory dinner.

Even though I originally wanted to head to Hampden on Saturday and shop along 36th Street, I decided a relaxing morning trumped being tempted to spend money in overpriced boutiques. Andy was very happy with this decision! We drove over to Harbor East to see "Argo" and had pizza in Little Italy before heading home. ("Argo" was fantastic by the way and is the perfect movie to see with mom and pop.)

Inner Harbor
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Baltimore Aquarium
Fell's Point

spooky store front

in Fell's Point, right after gelato

on the water taxi