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A few months ago a friend of mine clued me in to Wish List on Amazon. With the click of a button you can add any purchasable item on the Internet to your Wish List (you can create more than one), so it works perfectly for keeping track of things that catch your eye. You can write a comment (such as, "I like this in blue") and prioritize which items you like the best. You can see if an item has been purchased if you want, but I set up my list to not spoil any surprises for me.

I usually start compiling my birthday and Christmas list mid-fall, which means for a solid two months my poor mom and husband will get e-mails like, "I want this please! Size small! Green or blue, whichever you like better!" With the Wish List, I can keep everything in one place and add to it or edit it whenever I want. I started compiling my list last week - I couldn't wait! Stop making cute stuff, world! I know I'm going to see tons of things between now and Christmas, so I'm trying to take it slow and only add things that I would love to get. Right now the list includes a denim jacket, a robe I've been wanting forrrevvver and a couple of gold necklaces from Etsy.

Even though I completely support the tradition of exchanging presents, sometimes I catch myself getting the gimmies. It's so important for me to recognize that stuff is just stuff, and that I don't need stuff to find satisfaction or feel fulfilled. I also think about little pleasures that we often take for granted. When Andy and I stuff shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, I try to think of things the kids would need (toothpaste, soap, washcloth) and little things that would bring them joy (a jump rope, hair bows, action figures).

If you could have a Wish List for things that you can't buy, what would it include? What about life's purchasable little pleasures?

My lists would look something like this:
sleeping in
head massages from non-professionals
the beach
watching my dog swim
feeling sun on my face
seeing old friends
walking hand in hand w/ someone I love
Palmer's cocoa butter swivel stick - my absolute fav lip balm
books books books books books
coffee coffee coffee coffee
little notebooks and colored pens
nail polish
Netflix (hehe)