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this is what my hair looked like when we moved in April

a week later I got highlights and had several inches cut off

I embraced the curls/waves all summer long

Around late July I started seriously considering a pixie cut.
Crazy, I know. Crazy cute and exciting.
Also crazy scary and potentially awful.
I would make hair appointments and cancel them an hour later.
I printed out pictures of pixies I loved and pixies I hated.
I even had a dream that I had a pixie hairstyle!

I knew I wasn't ready to chop off all of my hair, though,
so in August I had my mom cut some layers around my face.

I also straightened my hair for the first time in months.

I didn't think I wanted anything in-between long and a pixie,
but I changed my mind.
Yesterday I went from this:

to this:

and today (unwashed):

I LOVE it! I adore long hair, but I realized that the main reason the pixie appealed to me is because it shows off the collarbone and neck. This length does just that without being quite as drastic of a change. It felt drastic during the cut - it's been years since I've had so many inches taken off! For once in my life I was smiling the entire time my stylist was snipping. Now I can't stop whipping my hair back and forth!