Laura Rennie

"don't forget to come back"

Laura R.Comment
In less than 30 minutes we'll land in Addis Ababa. The sun is up after a slow and stunning rise over the desert and the Nile River. I haven't slept a wink but I'm happy and excited and only slightly fuzzy-headed. A little boy behind me cried for a long time so I asked his mom if I could hold him. She gladly accepted and after an hour of bouncing him around and letting him crawl all over me he FINALLY crashed across my lap. I decided as I held him that I should pray for each child that I ever hold. God loves His children. I haven't been very comfortable but for the most part I've been able to maintain a grateful and patient attitude. I'm so in awe of the fact that any minute now we'll land in Africa! Lord, thank you for planting this dream in me and for cultivating it. 

Sunday (a week and a half later)
We're about to arrive in Virginia! This flight has been sooo long. I just realized that I never wrote about Friday. We only had about 45 minutes at the children's home to say our goodbyes. I cried and cried and hated driving away and seeing all the girls waving, tears running down their faces. I hope I can see them again. 
-my journal

"Don't forget to come back. I don't have any parents.
Keep praying for me. I also will pray for you." -Nancy
I ache to hug Nancy and her sisters and tell them in person that they have not been forgotten! 

our team at Zion Project's children's home - photo by Lance Rutherford