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I know I've been pretty absent about blogging this summer. I'm out of my funk, but my desire to share my heart or post pretties has been overshadowed by my desire to spend less time on my computer and more time engrossed in a book or spending time with family and friends.

I initially had a bad attitude about our Labor Day weekend. We only had one thing planned and I pictured us spending the rest of our time shoveling crackers and cookies into our mouths while watching episode after episode of Seinfeld. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Instead, the weekend turned out to be the perfect blend of activity and relaxation. Laurel and her husband came for an unexpected visit and stayed until Friday afternoon. I can't tell you how happy I was to have them in our home (we only see each other once, maybe twice a year). Andy wrapped up his work projects shortly after they left and we spent the rest of the afternoon searching for new basketball shoes. Finding shoes for Andy has always been an exhausting endeavor (he wears a size 14 and we're both picky about colors and shapes), but we walked out of Off Broadway with three pairs of mens shoes and we only spent $136! We even managed to have a fun time while browsing - the store was pretty empty and they had great music playing, so we danced through the aisles and lip-synced to the songs. Here's a little piece of advice for ya - marry someone who you can be silly with.

On Saturday we played pinochle and saw "The King and I" at Wolftrap with my parents. Did anyone else have a little crush on Yul Brynner when they were younger? How cute would it be to have "Shall We Dance" as the first dance at a wedding? I'm sure I'll have the music in my head for a long time.

Sunday was truly a day of rest. Andy usually only reads when we're on vacation, so imagine how thrilled I was when he sat down next to me on the couch with his book in hand! We had the coziest time together. We switched gears that evening and had a merry time at an impromptu wine and cheese party that our friends threw together. The guys argued about sports and the girls talked books and decorating. We decided to start a book club (be still my heart!) and we played Trivial Pursuit and Catch Phrase. I found my Frederick people!

Most of yesterday was spent reading, but the highlights of the day were going to the dog park with a friend and her pup and watching the episodes I had missed in the last season of Parks and Rec. I also spent a good amount of time on choosing the first book for the club to read. I landed on one I bought a few months ago but haven't read yet - "Little Princes" by Conor Grennan.

These times when I can read when I want, sleep in til ten a.m., watch hours of TV with Andy, stay out late with friends and generally do what I please will probably not last forever. I'm going to embrace them while I can.