Laura Rennie

how often do you...?

Laura R.6 Comments
I'm curious. How often do you...

Watch tv? Probably an average of two hours a day. We just finished watching "Prison Break" for the second time and I'm re-watching "Mad Men" on my own.
Read a book? Every day! I'm currently reading the "Harry Potter" series (better late than never).

Vacuum? TOO OFTEN! Occasionally I'll go three days without vacuuming, but by then we're practically wading in dog hair.
Go without shaving your legs? Two, three days. One of my new mantras is "No one is really looking."
Eat your fruits and veggies? I used to be better about eating fruit than veggies, and now it's the opposite.

Laugh? All the time. I'm married to Andy Rennie. 
Bite your tongue? Constantly. I nanny and I live with another person, so my selfishness and impatience is constantly tested! I still say things I shouldn't, but I think I've improved.
Invite someone over? Once a week or so.
Eat out? Once every other week, sometimes twice in two weeks.
Go outside? During the week I play outside and at the pool when I nanny, but I don't often go outside on the weekends unless I take the dog for a swim or read a magazine on the deck. It's been such a hot summer!

Buy clothes? Probably twice a month, usually 1-3 things per trip. 
Talk to your mom? Every day, sometimes more than once a day. On the rare occasion that we miss a day I feel like it's been ages!
Search for a job/different job? A couple times a month.

Show physical affection to people? All day long. It's my love language!