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weekending v.16

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This weekend felt a bit fall-like to me, despite the weather being in the 90's. I wore jeans, painted my nails a smokey purple, made chili for dinner and was only a click away from buying a sweater online. Blasted shipping costs!

We had our Craigslist friends over for dinner last night and I'm happy to report that the evening was full of laughter and girl-dominated games. :) Bethany brought these lemon-lime basil shortbread cookies and I could not stop eating them! (She bakes them at 350 for ten minutes.)

Tonight we're heading to Germantown for a "Secret Shopper" gig. We have to fill out an extensive survey rating the restaurant and in exchange we get a free meal. 

I've been slowly putting together one of our upstairs guest rooms. My parents kindly hauled my childhood bedroom set up a few weekends ago. The twin bed, one of the nightstands and the desk are in the guest room, and the future baby room gets the dresser and second nightstand. That's right - the former "unpacked boxes rooms" are now the "upstairs guest room" and "misc furniture/Craigslist items/future baby room." That's what I call progress!

My favorite purchase for the guest room was a random Ross find. Sometimes you see an item and you just *know* it was meant to be. Meet my cheerful desk chair:

I knew the chair was a great find, but imagine my delight when I randomly came across the exact style here ($123 from Pottery Barn outlet) and here ($145 from Industry West). I got my red beauty for $25!

I also grabbed this colorful pillow to top the yellow quilt and navy striped bedding I got on sale from Target. 

I also added a basket and a little bowl to the room that I picked up at World Market last weekend. The basket was on sale for $12.99!

And last but certainly not least is a lamp I stumbled upon at TJ Maxx. Our living room only has one tiiiny overhead light and I've been looking for the right table lamp for beside the couch. The search is over! I'm pretty sure I gasped when I saw it. He fits right in.

Next weekend I'll be in Harrisonburg!!!