Laura Rennie

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I'm toying with my french fries, trying to express the sadness in my heart. Bethany looks at me from across the table and gently says, "I get it. I didn't want to move here. I'm still grieving."

That's what it is I thought, nodding my head and letting the truth of her words sink in.

I'm still grieving.

The world didn't stop when we moved. Life moves on. Schedules get filled. The best intentions aren't always turned into actions.

You've been in these shoes before, or maybe you're in them now. I've watched my friends go through it. One by one, we all leave the cozy little nest of a community we made. Now that community is sustained through gchat, phone calls and Facebook comments. I miss you. I miss you, too. 

Oh, but I ache to be near them. To sit shoulder to shoulder doing a crossword, to laugh hysterically over awkward stories, to run my fingers over their books, to kiss the cheeks of their babies, to linger over coffee with them.

I hope as I drive back to Frederick from Harrisonburg on Sunday that I will have the ability to acknowledge that while that was so good, this is good, too. That while my heart turns violently inside of my chest, I won't have time to maintain my regrets because I will be thinking about how He loves us, oh how he loves.