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picking an end table

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I sat down today determined to pick out an end table to replace the boxy black one next to our living room couch. There isn't anything wrong with our current table (in fact, we'll be selling it along with a matching glass-top coffee table- lemme know if you're interested), but it's too large for the space and doesn't "go" with the other pieces of furniture in our LR. I've been scouring Craigslist for months and haven't found anything remotely close to what I'm looking for, so I checked out, and

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Let's discuss.
1. Super cute, but would probably need to be painted in order to not get lost against our beige couch and chair. Dimensions were right on.

2. This table would compliment the other antiques in the living room, but it is just as big as the current table we have (though clearly it's round, not square). It was out of the running as soon as I read the dimensions.

3. I immediately liked the practicality of this table as well as the subtle weathered finish. I didn't like that it only had one review, and it's hard to tell how sturdy it is from the picture.

4. I loved the quirky-ness of this table and clicked on it as soon as I saw it's $35 price tag, but one of the reviewers pointed out that you get what you pay for. The more I looked at it the less I loved it for the space.

5. This table would look so modern and would stand out against the other heavier pieces in the room, but it's actually too small! I just bought a large table lamp and I think it would overwhelm this dainty table.

6. Oh that color! If the seafoam is as dark in real life as it is in the pics, it would look amaaazing with our rug that's a similar shade. Alas, this table is way too different than all of the other pieces of furniture in the room, plus it's boxy and I didn't want a square table.

Sooo which did I pick?

Shuffle End Table

I actually had numero uno on hold at World Market but called them back and said "never mind!" about 20 minutes later. I prefer the dimensions of the Overstock table and I'm excited that I'll have more "counter space" for books and knick-knacks. Here's hoping it looks great in the room!