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look for less - color blocked blazer

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Olivia Palermos, granny style
I'm a little disturbed that I know who Olivia Palermos is. I think this pic of her is such a great example of the belief that women dress to impress other women. IMO, most guys would not find this look attractive. It's those granny pants! Even though I don't love the pants, goshdarnit if that girl can't pull them off!

I adore color blocking, but it seems so overused. I originally went into this post thinking I'd just match Olivia's outfit, but then I decided it would be more fun to design an outfit around a blazer using a similar color palette. Blazers make such a statement, don't you think? They add a touch of class to whatever you pair them with. 

colorblocked blazer
H&M blazer - $25
JCP lace tank - $18
Target ankle pants - $25
Nordstrom clutch - $16
Nordstrom initial watch -$18
JCrew bangle -$28
NY&CO slingbacks (not pictured) -$24

Total w/ bag - $126
Total w/ bangle - $138

I would go with the clutch or the bangle - not both. I'm all for adding color to an outfit, but I also think a toned-down look can be refreshing. The bangle isn't cheap, but it packs a punch and it could be worn nearly all summer long. I think the watch on one wrist and the bangle on the other would be adorable, so I'm leaning towards the bangle. I'm bummed I couldn't include the shoes in the set! They are so sexy and practical at the same time. The leopard printed ones would be pretty amazing too.