Laura Rennie

I meet my friends on Craigslist

Laura R.3 Comments
Last night a couple came to our house to purchase two barstools that I had advertised on Craigslist. As I handed them over to the guy a lightbulb went off in my head and I blurted out, "Hey! I recognize you! You're the youth pastor at Grace! You're a Bear's fan!"

(What if it hadn't been him? Eesh.)

The guy (Eric) smiled and nodded and I quickly explained that we had just seen his bio on the church website and we saw him preaching on Sunday, our second week at Grace. Then I mentioned that we're Chicago fans too. We all stood around their car for at least twenty minutes chatting excitedly and saying over and over, "This is too weird!"

Eric's girlfriend Bethany recently moved to Maryland so she knows how intimidating it can be trying to meet new people, especially at church when you're shaking hands and getting names thrown at you. We hit it off right away. Bethany, I told you I was going to blog about how we met! :)

AND as we were chatting, I mentioned to Eric that I have a heart for women's ministry, particularly college-aged women. Turns out he's looking for people to help out in that age group. Am I freaking you out? Is this is a freaky dream?

It was the coolest thing. Can't wait to hang out with them this weekend and get to know them better!