Laura Rennie

family practices

Laura R.Comment
Pester, poke, tease, tickle.
Consume copious amounts of coffee, almond M&M's and cheese and crackers. Just eat all day.
Offer to help whoever is cooking before gluing your bottom to the sofa.
Try to shock mom with potty humor.
Sneak off for time with your spouse.
Say "We's on vacation" at least once a day.
Have conversations about family memories and then argue about what really happened.
Laugh until your belly aches.
Be affectionate.
Be adventurous.
Enjoy each other.

What a lovely vacation. I've left a lot out - kayaking, snorkeling, luau, food, missing the volcanoes because I was sick, etc., but you've patiently put up with several Hawaii posts and this will be the last. Where will we go next, I wonder?