Laura Rennie

conversations with an eight-year-old

Laura R.Comment
I love everything princess. And animals. I LOVE animals.

If the movie makes you cry I'll get you a tissue. I'm very thoughtful. If anyone was hurt I would help them. Except for robbers. But anyone else I would help.

My friend Zach went to the space museum so he knows everything about space and he told me and now I know.
I want to go to the space museum.
Okay, I'll talk to Zach and see if he can take you.
Is Zach a kid or an adult?
He's a kid. So maybe I'll talk to his parents and you can go with them next time. Then there would be two parents and one...*pause*... adult that owns a dog.

There's this dolphin and her fin gets stuck in a crab trap and this little boy helps her and they try to make her a new fin but she doesn't like them. They make maybe ten fins in real life but they only show three in the movie. She bangs them against the wall and they break. They hurt her skin.
What happens?
I'm not going to give away the ending! I'm at the beginning part. There's still a middle part.
*proceeds to tell me everything about the movie*

It's a kids movie. Kids aren't allowed to watch adult movies. Do you watch adult movies? They have guns and stuff. Like the "s" word. Except not the "s" word that is a bad word. The other "s" word.
Umm... yes, sometimes we watch movies that have guns and the "s" word in them. But we look away during the bad parts.
Why do you have to look away?
Sometimes people don't have clothes on and we don't look at other people naked because we're married and we can only see each other naked.
Right, 'cuz you're Andy's family.

I'll remember this one always - totally unexpected. Out of the mouths of babes, right?
This room has a bunch of furniture in it. One day it will be a baby room.
I hope you get everything you wish for.

my niece Laurel four years ago