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five and goodbye!

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*warning* the second video on this post will start playing the second you open it.

Tomorrow we'll be on the big island in Hawaii for ten days with my parents, my sister and her husband and my brother and his wife. We haven't seen John-Michael (my brother) since he married Sky in August. I'm packing tissues.

It's about time to zip up the suitcases and start channeling sandy beaches and sunshine! I just re-read our itinerary and got even more excited, if that's possible.

Even though I'll be away enjoying Hawaii, The Blog Around the Corner will still be here! I have some great guest posts lined up for while I'm away along with a few that I've already put together. For now, here are five things I'm currently grinning over...

1. my friend and former classmate Eileen not only has the cutest mop of curls you've ever seen, she's also got a gorgeous voice. Click here to listen.

girl can rock a scarf. pic by Sarah Wiegand

2. and then there's this album by Isaac - another classmate of mine from JMU who also has a mop of curls.  what are the odds? I especially love "walk you through the night."
3. Imani has a new line! I can't figure out which one I want most... maybe the Rahisi? SO fun.
the "Rahisi" necklace in pink/tangerine/yellow
4. I weeded through my nail polishes and made room for a few new paints, including "Posh" by Revlon. All Revlon polishes were on sale for $2 at Rite Aid and it took a lot of restraint for me to not buy more. I've never had green nails before (I tend to pick up purples and browns) but this peppy color caught my eye.

from here and OMG holy cow look at how many polishes this gal owns

5. My new favorite body wash couldn't be more perfect for our trip. I normally use a bar of Dove, but this was on sale at Wal-Mart and I was sold after taking a whiff. I've already poured some in a travel sized container so I won't have to stuff the whole bottle into my bag.

product details here

Can't wait to share everything when I return! Aloha.