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weekending v.9

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I'm so bad about writing weekending posts on Sunday! Ah well, can't win 'em all.

I wish I had pictures to share from this weekend, but I don't... so words and google images will have to do. I went to a birthday brunch on Saturday morning celebrating a woman in a life group (Bible study) that I attended. It was so sweet that the group invited me to join them and I had a great time chatting with everyone. Afterwards I picked up Fractured Prune and stuck them in the fridge to surprise my parents with them the next day. I managed to convince Andy to take me downtown for the afternoon and we had the best time (once we determined that Andy didn't want to go into any shops and therefore our only option was to walk around). We got iced coffees at the Frederick Coffee Company and played a bunch of the games that they keep there. Andy crushed me in Candyland, I crushed him in Sorry! and then we played a very stressful best out of 3 round of Rack-o. Andy won. :(

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After coffee we strolled along Carroll Creek and listened to a harpist. It was First Saturday (similar to First Fridays in Hburg), so downtown was packed with artists and musicians and kids and dogs and brides-to-be... you get the picture. Even though our anniversary isn't 'til Thursday, we decided to go ahead and have our anniversary dinner while we were downtown. We asked each other silly questions like, "what was your favorite meal from all of the vacations we took last year?" On Thursday we'll go see The Avengers and maybe I'll cook up something special for dinner.

I was in NOVA yesterday and today and saw several high school friends and got to spend some sweet time with my mom and dad. There was a new episode of Sherlock on last night and I think we got my friend hooked on it. :) Any tv show recommendations?

Andy's working in Philadelphia so it's just me and the pup tonight. Why can't there be a Jeopardy marathon on tonight? Guess that means I'll have to take a bath... poor me... and finish reading the Nanny Diaries for the SEVENTH time. (It's a quick and funny read and I hadn't read it in four years.)