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weekending v.12

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Can't blame me for writing a weekending post on a Monday if it's part of a three day weekend, right?

Here's the weekend rundown: We were in Harrisonburg on Saturday/Sunday for a wedding and to attend our old church (and get Klines). Our time there flew by and the next thing we knew we were in Springfield having a crab feast with my parents and good family friends. Another drive and we were home in Maryland. I promptly collapsed in bed.

It felt good to take the day off after two days of catching up with friends and zipping from one place to next. I spent a good hour and a half sweating to near death on our deck because I am not in the mood to shock the beaches of Hawaii with my pale skin. Then, I took our equally hot-from-the-sun pup down to the creek for a swim. I waded in for a bit and eventually settled on the bank with my book and let Casey go fishing paw at the water and bite every stick and leaf that floated by. I relished every minute of the long afternoon.

Memorial Day dinner was unbelievably simple - bbq chicken cooked in the crock pot, macaroni salad from the deli section, corn on the cob and watermelon. And pie. :)

We just got back from playing Settlers of Catan w/ a couple I nanny for - our first couple friends in Frederick! I won, much to the chagrin of my husband. It felt gooood. Another perfect weekend.

how did a gal w/ such frizzy hair land such a hottie mchotterson?