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weekending v.11

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How is May halfway over? How is it even May already? This year is flying by and I have a sinking feeling that if I blink I might miss the rest of it. I have so much to do many books to read!

I've been MIA all week because I was visiting my friend Laurel in Kentucky. We haven't had girl time in over a year and talking to one of your favorite people on the phone just isn't the same as seeing them in person. We purposefully didn't plan many activities and the trip was just perfect. We painted a piece of furniture, walked the dogs, went on a little hike, cooked and baked, watched movies, picked strawberries, poked around some shops and visited Laurel's work where she showed me some equestrian vaulting moves. 

my happy pup swimming in the Kentucky River
Laurel's pup Rocky saying his prayers

vaulting! eek!

I hated leaving... being with Laurel makes my heart happy. But I missed my husband and I had something pretty great planned for the day after I got back - babysitting this girl!

Madelyn is the daughter of our friends Justin and Carolyn in Harrisonburg. We snuggled Madelyn while they attended a wedding in Leesburg last night, and then they drove up to stay over and go to church with us this morning and treat us to breakfast. It was fun to have a baby in the house. Andy and I took turns bouncing Madelyn around and kissing her sweet cheeks. Casey was a little jealous and confused at first, but the baby's cuteness wore her down and she ended up giving Madelyn kisses too.

All that traveling and baby smooching wore me out! I recently took on two part-time nannying jobs, one of which I'll start on Tuesday. Tomorrow my only plans are to do laundry and make scones w/ the fresh berries I brought home.