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raindrops on roses

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and whiskers on kittens

I don't do so well on rainy days. I feel drowsy and dreary and unmotivated. Normally a shower and a cup of coffee can help me shake the gloomies, but I abhor showering when it's wet outside. I refused to be lazy, as tempting as it was, and started off the morning baking strawberry sour cream scones. Ugh. It was the worst. The dough was too sticky and completely glued itself to my hands and the rolling pin. I managed to cut rounds but couldn't transfer them to a baking sheet, so I ended up dropping lumps of dough on the pan before slamming the oven door shut with a hearty "good riddance!"

they were supposed to look like this
but alas, they looked more like lumpy cookies

I took out my rage on the goo-covered dishes and managed to enjoy a scone with my coffee (I did eat three, but not all at once). It helped that they tasted good. And I had pink peonies from our yard to admire. So pretty!

I spent the rest of the day going back and forth between working on a column I'm writing about Uganda and snuggling the pup while singing along to some new favorite worship songs. I think I may have spent a little too much time snuggling/singing... the deadline is tomorrow and I'm still not quite done. :-/ I'd love your prayers over the column - my hope is that it will speak of God's love and also direct readers to check out ways they can help Zion Project.

kitty found here