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inexpensive summer bridesmaid

inexpensive summer bridesmaid by laurarennie 

I spotted this $28 dress at Target and instantly thought it would make a cute bridesmaids dress for a casual wedding. It's a flattering cut and the pattern is subtle enough that it wouldn't distract from a bouquet. It could be paired with colorful shoes, but I chose black wedges because they're easy to walk in, they're cheap ($25 at Payless) and, like the dress, could easily be worn again.

My friend Amy bought each of the girls in her wedding an adorable flower necklace from Etsy (looked just like this one - maybe this was it?) Some brides can get caught up in feeling like they have to gift their bridesmaids with expensive jewelry or spa packages - I say resist the urge! Wouldn't a silver initial necklace be a perfect bridesmaids gift? Plus it would look so great with that dress.