Laura Rennie

how to make bangin' sliders

Laura R.Comment
photo by Nick Solares

Yesterday I picked up two packages of pre-formed and seasoned sliders at the store - one has chunks of jalapeños in it and the other has chunks of cheese and bacon. Ohhhh yea. I looked around the web for suggestions on how to cook them b/c I've never cooked burgers in a skillet before and we're out of charcoal. I stumbled upon this thorough how-to that's based on the way a restaurant prepares their sliders.

You guys. You HAVE to try these. It makes an absolute mess in the pan (notice the author didn't include a pic of what the skillet looks like after adding the beef flavored water), but it's so worth it. My onions didn't flip with the patties, so I used tongs to lift the patties and a spatula to scooch the onions under. I thought the whole putting the buns on top to warm was absolutely *brilliant.* The burgers were juicy and cheesy and warm. If I had planned better I would have bought cream cheese for the jalapeño sliders, but alas! Andy tucked a pickle in his and I added a little mayo, but they shine on their own. Tonight we're having the cheesy bacon ones. I went a little nuts and served last night's dinner with chips, corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon AND hot dogs, and we were too full from the meat to have every side. More for tonight!

p.s. mine looked just like the ones in the picture! I love when that happens.