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This Mother's Day you could purchase a massage or a gift certificate to a restaurant. But if you've gone that route in the past and need some new ideas, check out my picks (most are under $30) for your mom, your wife or the new mom in your life. Don't forget to include a note!

for your mom...

she can't display it on the fridge, but I doubt she'll complain!
homemade chocolate dipped biscotti -$cost of supplies
tuck the biscotti into a pretty mug and wrap with cellophane
these cranberry almond biscotti's and cinnamon spice biscotti's
cost just over ten cents each to make!
snuggly, lightweight blanket to keep her tootsies warm -$23
a tiny embroidered reminder of the big love you have for her -$17

for the mother of your children...

these pretty heart earrings (also in purple) will help her feel lovely
on those am I a frumpy mom? days -$29.95

roll-on perfume in a soft, feminine scent -$18

take the little ones out for breakfast (quietly)
so the love of your life can sleep in.
don't forget to bring her home a bagel or donut -$cost of breakfast
pic from here
for a close friend or relative who is a new mom...

cozy, modest robe is both helpful and thoughtful
(this one got great reviews) -$44.50
pretty nails go a long way in making a girl feel put together.
this Essie Spring collection includes four mini nail polishes -$10 
the beauty in gifting magazines is that you
can find one that fits the interests of the recipient.
my favorites are Real Simple, Good Housekeeping,
People and Elle. a new mom might appreciate a
parenting magazine or a fitness/health mag.

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