Laura Rennie

see Gideon grow

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Andy took my laptop on a business trip so I've been slacking on my blog-posting. Life is going well here in Frederick - we tried out a church that we both enjoyed AND I made some friends! Is God awesome or what?

On Monday I drove down to Harrisonburg (yup, again - and I'm going next week too) to see my dear friend Jackie and her little boy. He's too cute to not blog about. I first introduced ya'll to Gideon back in September, and then you got to see him again in November when we flew down to Tampa. Now look at how big he is! He is the cutest baby in all the land.

We hung out in my empty *old* house and when we left I took my key off my keychain and said my final goodbye. Today I have more unpacking moving boxes into closets to do and then I'll start snapping more pics of the house to share!