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I keep re-writing the following piece of info b/c it's so weird for me to say:
I came home to Frederick this afternoon after an overnight trip to clean our old house in Harrisonburg.
Still letting that sink in a little bit...

Now that I'm back, I'm excited/anxious to make more progress on the house. I have a depressing amount of boxes that still need unpacking, and a husband who keeps asking me where his socks and belts are. All I want to do is buy cute things for our new house! Gah. I have a running mental list of items we need and items I want.

The first thing I wanted to do was find curtains for our living room windows and door. The previous owners left their curtains, which I found to be upsetting to look at. They bothered me so much that I had a hard time enjoying being in the room for the first few days we lived here! I loved the living room curtains we had in our old house, but we only have two of them and we need three for our new house. Target doesn't sell them anymore and I couldn't find them online. Plus, they blocked out all of the light that came in. I wanted to find a pretty patterned fabric that let light in without being see-through.

These Target curtains were a great price and I looove the way they look in the space. Depending on the light, the pattern looks crisp and dark or subtle and soft. They're super sheer and I was worried that people would be able to see in, but I popped out on the deck at various times of the day and somehow it's not see-through at all. I'm so thrilled to not have to look at ugly fabric anymore! All these lovelies need are some new curtain rods...

More house-making posts to come...