Laura Rennie

what I expected and what really happened in Uganda

Laura R.1 Comment

I'm probably not going to sleep well. I'm probably going to get car sick. I'm probably not going to like the food. I'm probably going to wish I had my own space. I'm probably going to get eaten alive. I'm probably going to have to touch a lot of dirty things and a lot of sick people. I'm probably going to have sweaty pits. I'm probably going to have frizzy hair. I'm probably going to struggle with having a consistently positive attitude. I may not love Uganda.

I wasn't trying to be negative or self-centered. I was only trying to prepare myself for what could be a reality. I had been hoping to visit Uganda for nearly four years and I was beyond excited - but I was also wary of being naive. I prayed and prayed, asking the Lord to prepare my heart and to protect me. Most of all I prayed that God would help me to have a joyful spirit and positive attitude. I wanted to have a smile on my face even if I was uncomfortable.

I didn't get car sick, even though the roads were awful. I slept well, even though it was hot and the bed was funky. The food was never bad (at times it was fantastic). I did touch dirty things and sick people, but I didn't care. I didn't get much space to myself, but I adored being with the team and took advantage of the times I did have alone. The first time I caught myself struggling to have a good attitude was last Wednesday, which means for SIX whole days I was completely and utterly happy. I won't lie and say I didn't get frizzy and sweaty, but really... how insignificant is that? I l-o-v-e LOVED Uganda.

I'm still processing through the trip and trying to put everything into words. It's a lot harder than I thought!