Laura Rennie

uganda: the picture post

Laura R.Comment
big thanks to everyone who so graciously shared their pics w/ me!

en route to Addis Ababa
the a-team on Ugandan soil!

crazy huge birds
the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda

home sweet home - our "veranda" at the guest house
view from the Watoto guest house
a common road-side scene
one of the many markets 
driving through Gulu

eating our daily lunch of rice and beans in the day-care tent
at the counseling center
your arms are never empty in Uganda...
children getting water - the inscription says "I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink"
beading necklaces w/ the Imani women
Hanging with Charlotte and Naomi at the children's home
freeze tag!
reading with Jackie and Vanessa

going on my first boda ride w/ Tony
all the girls posing for a farewell picture - taken seconds before the waterworks started
this lil monkey wanted to come home w/ us