Laura Rennie

in plenty or in poverty - praying in the slums

Laura R.Comment

I will not take my love away / When praises cease and seasons change / while the whole world turns the other way / I will not take my love away. I will not leave you all alone / When striving leads you far from home /And there's no yield for what you've sown / I will not leave you all alone. I will give you what you need / In plenty or in poverty / Forever, always, look to me / And I will give you what you need / I will not take my love away. - "I will not take my love away" by Matt Wertz 

Just nine days ago I was in the slums outside Gulu, Uganda. The Imani women lead us there, welcoming us into their homes and laying their prayers at our feet. My husband beats me. My children are sick. I do not feel safe. I am HIV positive.

These women know what it means to be in need. They make jewelry for people like me and you to wear so that they don't have to sell their body in order to feed their family. They desire a better life. They desire to see their husbands accept the Lord. They desire good health and a safe home for their children. They desire to obey God.

I was so touched by their hospitality, their openness and their faith. I hope I'm never so vain and proud that I can't invite someone into my home and share my struggles with them.

I didn't go to Uganda because I wanted to gain something, but I really believe the people I interacted with gave me more than they received from me.

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the needs in this world that we end up doing nothing at all.

We have so much to give.

Pray, pray, pray!
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