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eating in Uganda

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Well, I told you I'd fill you in on what I ate in Uganda. It's not very exciting - I had milkshakes, sandwiches, pizza, pancakes, french toast...

Not even joking.

Our team leaders didn't want us to eat anything unsafe, so we stuck to restaurants that were recommended by other Americans. I was a little disappointed, actually. I love trying new foods! We ate rice and beans every day for lunch and I loooved them. I was really excited about the two nights that we tried actual African cuisine - one night we went to an Ethiopian restaurant and another night we went to a Ugandan buffet. The buffet included a lot of potatoes, posho, some amazing stewed meat (preeetty sure it was beef, not goat) and a really interesting nut sauce that you could eat w/ rice.

What surprised me about eating out in Uganda was that it would take at least 45 minutes, usually an hour, for the food to arrive. But you might not get your food. The waiter might come up to you and tell you they are sorry but they are out of whatever you ordered. This happened ALL the time! It was insane. It would take about an hour for them to realize "oh hey, we're out of chicken! oops!" One night I tried ordering chicken, but they were out, so I ordered a burger, but they were out of meat. Guess how long it took for all that to be figured out? Two hours. That's typical, though, so we just went w/ the flow and ate off each other's plates. I never went hungry. :)