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buddy garrity, a birdcage and our new home

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I had to pause FNL and take a pic of the screen, b/c that box
of mac and cheese is the size of a cereal box. wha??
p.s. current fav FNL quote is "please don't whisper yell at me."
I went to Richmond with my friend Amber and came home
with this friendly little brass birdcage

that sign should read SOLD!
I blogged about our house-hunting experiencing last month. This townhouse was the last place we visited, and it was love at first sight. Actually, that's not true... it was dark and we couldn't really see the outside. But we loved it the minute we walked through the front door. We put an offer in that evening and waited for two and a half days before finding out we got it. I left for Uganda the next day. 

Today I drove up to Frederick w/ my friend Holly to walk around the house again and get some more pictures and measurements. Unfortunately the sellers were moving today, so there were people everywhere. It was still great to see the house and know it's OURS.

Side story: A while ago an old co-worker (who has long since left Hburg) messaged me on Facebook and said she had a friend moving to Harrisonburg who didn't know anyone in the area, and would I please get together with her? I remember being so nervous the day I first met Holly for coffee. I shouldn't have worried. She's pretty fanfreakingtastic. We were together for 9 hours today and never stopped talking and laughing and getting lost and laughing about getting lost.

Downtown Frederick is dangerously fantastic. We ate scrumptious burgers at Cafe Nola and browsed many, many shops. I think our favorite was Silk & Burlap

We move NEXT WEEK. Yeah.