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weekending v.4

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I am planning on moving to Wordpress, but right now it's not allowing me to upload any pictures to a new post. Grr. Might takes some time to sort that out, so for now I'll continue posting here.

On Friday my college roommies Kristen and Amy met me at my parent's house for a lil visit. Kristen is moving to Florida next week, so we had to have one last get together. On Saturday we had a fabulous lunch at Taverna Cretekou on King Street and ducked into a few shops. It took so much restraint not to snatch up this adorable vintage drawer!

loving the leg cross (and k's stink face)

I drove back to Harrisonburg this morning and was surprised with a gorgeous bouquet of Valentine's flowers and lots of hugs and kisses from my man. Andy has Bible study Tuesday night's, so we decided today would be our Valentine's Day. We met Matt and Jess at Union Station and chatted about how we met each other, what our favorite things to do together are, etc. It was fun to hear Andy's side of things. We have different stories about what happened the night we met, but we both agreed that we fell for each other fast!